Meet the Eagle Scout Class of 2021 from Columbiana County


Columbiana county serves more than 600 youth annually. In 2021, 18 of these youth achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

Below you will find all of the Eagle Scouts from Columbiana County, including a photo, project description and congratulatory video. Feel free to explore and learn about each Eagle Scout. 

*photos, project descriptions, and videos may not be available for all Eagle Scouts*

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Barry B.

East Liverpool |  Troop 2012

Project Beneficiary: Columbiana County Park District

Barry's Eagle Scout consisted of creating a trail from handicap parking space to a pavilion to allow handicap persons the ability to enjoy the park. He was able to plan, had gotten material donated and led a work force of volunteers. From the ordering of the gravel, to transporting the gravel and equipment needed was all organized and donated. His project will allow others with disabilities to be able to safely enjoy the picnic pavilion. His project was dedicated to his late Nana who passed away shortly after he had finished his project.

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Cole C.

Minerva  |  Troop 2012

Project Beneficiary: Minerva High School

Cole's Eagle scout project was be to build 5 wooden shelves to hang up in the Minerva High School band room, so they can hang up the plaques they have. He also built a large cabinet to store instruments, mutes, cases and other things that might need stored. Finally, he created another cabinet for the color guard to store their equipment in.


Colton D.

Lisbon​  |  Troop 2018

Project Beneficiary: Greenway Trail Pavilion

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Gayvn G.

East Liverpool​  |  Troop 2012

Project Beneficiary: Beaver Creek Church Camp

Gayvn added a porch to the one cabin at Beaver Creek Church Camp that doesn't currently have one. All of the other cabins have a porch and the campers really wanted one on this cabin.

2E75A9B1-D723-4233-9E8D-84057BEF5568 - Ryan Gillis.jpeg

Elizabeth G.

Salem​  |  Girl Troop 2003

Project Beneficiary: Salem First Presbyterian Church

Elizabeth built a gazebo as part of a meditation garden for Salem First Presbyterian Church, which is her troop's chartered organization.

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Paxton G.

East Liverpool​  |  Troop 2012

Project Beneficiary: East Liverpool High School

Paxton's project consisted of repainting bleachers at the East Liverpool High School Baseball Fields. He added fencing around bleachers to prevent falling. Lastly, he added helmet racks in both the Home and Visitor side dugouts to get the field ready for opening day in 2021. 


Kaitlynn H.

Salem​  | Girl Troop 2003

Project Beneficiary: Salem Parks and Recreation 

Kaitlynn built two lending libraries - one in Waterworth Memorial Park and the other in Centennial Park in Salem. People will be able to take and leave books as they wish, allowing someone the chance to read something they haven't read before.

DSCN0003.2 - Clay Haas (1).jpg

Josiah H.

Salem​  |  Troop 2006

Project Beneficiary: Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp

Josiah built and installed six benches for the hiking trails at Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp. Elkhorn has been wanting the trails to be more appealing and accessible for everyone and this is one of the first steps for their improvement. The camp is utilized by ministers, church groups, school groups, scout groups, and special needs organizations.

8EAE5DFB-5D88-4BE2-BF21-C27B2CF3AF9C - Mark Haustman.jpeg

Kyle H.

East Liverpool​  |  Troop 2012

Project Beneficiary: East Liverpool City Schools, North Elementary School

Kyle cleaned up the Sensory Garden at North Elementary School. This consisted of staining the bench as well as setting and painting stone pavers.

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Connor H.

Austintown​  |  Troop 2022

Project Beneficiary: Crestview High School

For Connor's Eagle Scout project, he built a concession stand for the Crestview High School softball team. The building is a shed standing on a concrete slab and have a hatch that opens downward and could be used to sell food and drinks out of. He also ran electricity to the building so it could accommodate appliances.

IMG_3236 - Angie Johnston.JPG

Troy J.

Salem​  |  Troop 2003

Project Beneficiary: VFW Post 892

Troy purchased a courier box to turn into a retired flag drop-off box. He put decorative chain on 3 sides of the box, with red & white flowers surrounded by mulch. The flag retirement box is attached to a cement slab so it can not be tipped over or stolen from the location.

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Killian M.

East Liverpool​  |  Troop 2012

Project Beneficiary: Columbiana County Humane Society

Killian repainted and added landscaping to the Columbiana County Humane Society.

Kyle Eagle Scout Rodgers.jpe

Kyle R.

East Liverpool​  |  Troop 2012

Project Beneficiary: Columbiana County Park District

Kyle's Eagle Scout Project was the construction of several trail head signs at a local park, Hell Bender Bluff. The park itself is reclaimed land in which has various length of trails, a lake and a creek. His project consisted of all material donated, along with volunteers that he led to build each trail head sign, along with marking out distances. On the longest of the trails, he constructed a small storm shelter in the event someone would get caught in the rain. This project not only taught him leadership, but also bettered a little part of our county. His project was dedicated to in memory of his late grandmother who enjoyed the park.

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Hunter S.

Lisbon​  |  Troop 2022

Project Beneficiary: Lisbon Baseball & Softball Association

For Hunter's project, he purchased and installed outdoor weatherproof audio equipment at the Dickey Complex Pony/High School Field. His project included excavating and installing underground electric wire from the existing scoreboard to the existing dugouts to be able to play the National Anthem before each game.

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Ethan S.

Salem​  |  Troop 2006

Project Beneficiary: Salem Federation of Women's Clubs

For Ethan's project, he re-roofed, sided, and painted a garage for the Smucker House, making its appearance better and making it watertight.

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Joseph T.

Salem​  |  Troop 2006

Project Beneficiary: Salem VFW

Joseph installed flag retirement boxes so people could put old and torn flags for a flag burning. 

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Andrew W.

East Palestine​  |  Troop 2014

Project Beneficiary: Emmanuel Methodist Church

For Andrew's Eagle Scout project, he painted the hallway and stairs at the Emmanuel Methodist Church. This project also included building a bench for the hallway. 

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Robert W.

Columbiana​  |  Troop 2018

Project Beneficiary: East Liverpool Christian School

Robert constructed an outdoor picnic area for school students to have lunch. There isn't any designated area for students to have lunch outside. This is needed so they aren't cooped up in the school for lunch.

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