Meet the Eagle Scout Class of 2021 from Marion County


Marion county serves more than 400 youth annually. In 2021, six of these youth achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

Below you will find all of the Eagle Scouts from Marion County, including a photo, project description and congratulatory video. Feel free to explore and learn about each Eagle Scout. 

*photos, project descriptions, and videos may not be available for all Eagle Scouts*

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Philip E.

Mt. Gilead |  Troop 6056

Project Beneficiary: Morrow County Public Library

Philip constructed a small garden that children will be able to visit outside the Morrow County Public Library. He built a bench, obelisks for plant trellis, and a PVC pipe interactive sound instrument. This will give children activities to do that involve their senses.

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Jacob H.

Marion  |  Troop 6026

Project Beneficiary: Camp Michael

Jacob cleaned up 2 campsites, build flower boxes and dismantle all of the broken picnic tables.

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Nicholas M.

Prospect​  |  Troop 6050

Project Beneficiary: 

Nicholas removed trees from prairie habitat and applied herbicide to stumps so they do not grow back. Additionally, he constructed a 20' bridge to allow for stream crossing on the north end of property. He also built a platform to allow workspace for stem/wetland study and stair access.

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Zachary P.

Caledonia  |  Troop 6086

Project Beneficiary: Marion County Fairgrounds

Zachary's projected involved cleaning and improving the pathway between Ever's Arena and the rabbit barn at the Marion County Fairgrounds. His helpers will be cleaning up the area, weeding, restoring the pathway, planting flowers and fixing the existing garden beds, mulching around several areas and placing a bench.


Carter P.

Caledonia​  |  Troop 6046

Project Beneficiary: Anselment Memorial Park

Carter completed a beautification project at Anselment Memorial Park in Caledonia. He relocated a 20x32ft flower bed at the front of the park and then landscaped the flower bed around the gazebo. Finally, he removed grass around the pine trees and replaced it with pea gravel. Once the project was finished, Carter chose to maintain the landscaping for the remainder of the year to keep the park beautiful.


Brandon S.

Marion​  |  Troop 6086

Project Beneficiary: Marion County Park District

The project consists of a bench swing which is to be installed on the property for public use. The bench will provide visitors to the park a place to relax and take in the nature surrounding them.

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