Meet the Eagle Scout Class of 2021 from Stark County


Stark county serves more than 1,200 youth annually. In 2021, 61 of these youth achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

Below you will find all of the Eagle Scouts from Stark County, including a photo, project description and congratulatory video. Feel free to explore and learn about each Eagle Scout. 

*photos, project descriptions, and videos may not be available for all Eagle Scouts*

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Justin A.

North Canton |  Troop 1001

Project Beneficiary: North Canton YMCA Child Development Center

Justin built a lending library with series of bookshelves to hold children's books for the children at the Child Development Center and the children will be able to visit the library, read, borrow, keep and donate books.

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James B.

Louisville  |  Troop 1015

Project Beneficiary: St. Joseph Care Center

St. Joseph Care Center is a local nursing home in wants burning bushes planted along the top of retaining wall. The residents will enjoy the red leaves in the fall and it will serve as a barrier from falling over the retaining wall.

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Landon B.

Alliance​  |  Troop 2101

Project Beneficiary: Alliance Parks and Recreation

Landon built 4 benches along a new walking path at Earley Hill Park in Alliance. He was inspired to do this at Earley Hill because both Landon and his younger brother have played baseball at this park. He wanted to give back to a park where he have a lot of fun memories. He also wanted to make sure there were places for people to watch games and rest while out for a walk. These benches have been a benefit to anyone who wants to enjoy the park as much as he does!

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Jarett B.

Perry Township​  |  Troop 1265

Project Beneficiary: Perry Township Youth Soccer Club

Jarret built an information board at Meredith Park in Perry Township, Massillon. The board could include a map of the field and a schedule of the teams playing that day and fundraising opportunities.

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Jaden B.

Jackson Township​  |  Troop 1935

Project Beneficiary: 

For Jaden's Eagle Scout project, he built clothing racks for his church's community clothing closet. This is needed to help make it easier and more efficient to distribute clothing to people who come in and need it.

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Patrick B.

Alliance​  |  Troop 2050

Project Beneficiary: City of Alliance Parks Department

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Landon C.

Perry Township  |  Troop 1912

Project Beneficiary: Camp Carl Base Camp

Landon's project was restoring and improving three small cabins at Camp Carl Base Camp and the surrounding grounds. This included installing screens, hammock hooks and steps. Outside existing stones will be placed as an improved fire ring and wooded space will be cleared for an expanded activity space.

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Cole C.

North Lawrence​  | Troop 1933

Project Beneficiary: Tuscarawas Township Trustees

Cole's project had personal meaning to him. He is involved in civil war re-enacting. His 3rd great grandfather served in the civil war and is buried in Brookfield Cemetery in the old section. For his project, he had a flagpole placed on a beautiful hill in the old section of the cemetery complete with a granite civil war memorial marker and landscaping. He led scouts from his troop and adult volunteers to construct a bench. The bench was placed at an existing flagpole with veteran marker honoring all veterans in the new part of the cemetery.

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Nathaniel C.

Canton  |  Troop 1939

Project Beneficiary: St Joan of Arc Catholic Church

Nathaniel's project was an outdoor shrine that will include two benches for seating at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church. This will be a place where people can come and pray or meditate at any time.

20220313_140911 - Kathleen Clay.jpg

Joshua C.

North Canton​  |  Troop 1001

Project Beneficiary: St Stephen Martyr Lutheran Church

The project was to refurbish the Holy Grounds Cafe at St Stephen Martyr Lutheran Church in Canton, OH. The walls were covered with carpet, heavily glued and difficult to remove. We removed the wall covering to be able to paint, we also removed the old floor carpet, and ordered new materials and table tops as well as several other smaller details.


Ian C.

Hartville​  |  Troop 1135

Project Beneficiary: Adventure Place/Advent Lutheran Church

Ian built an outdoor stage and music wall for the Adventure Place Daycare playground at Advent Lutheran Church in Uniontown. The preschool children enjoy acting, singing, and pretending on the stage and making music on the music wall with the one octave xylophone made out of PVC pipe.

Screenshot 2022-02-26 160528.png

Maximilian C.

Uniontown​  |  Troop 1035

Project Beneficiary: MAPS Air Museum

For his project, Maximilian built deck furniture from scratch for a patio that the MAPS Air Museum is installing for events and ceremonies. The furniture will consist of a least two large benches and two chairs. The benches will be roughly 3 1/2 ft long and the chairs will be half that size. The benches are placed around the hangers during the winter months when most of the aircraft are inside and outside on the patio dur the warmer months.

Joey_Cronin - Joe Cronin (2).JPG

Joseph C. III

North Canton​  |  Troop 1012

Project Beneficiary: Zion United Church of Christ

Joey built a shelving unit to fit in a closet at Zion United Church of Christ so it can be used as a pantry for the church's Blessing Box mission outreach project. The Blessing Box is a cabinet just outside the church entrance where food and other basic necessities are available for those in need. Items to replenish the box were previously sitting out on tables in the church cloister. Alongside that, he removed bushes and ivy from in front of the church to help improve the visibility of the sign. He put sod down where the bushes were.

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Logan D.

Jackson Township  |  Troop 1935

Project Beneficiary:

Logan built and installed heavy and light shelving inside a closet, which will hold office supplies and toiletry items.

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Connor D.

North Lawrence​  |  Troop 1933

Project Beneficiary: North Lawrence Fire Department

Connor's project was a flag retirement box that people in the community can drop off flags and have them properly retired by his troop. The box is shaped like a folded flag and painted like one. 

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Trevor D.

Jackson Township​  |  Troop 1921

Project Beneficiary: American Legion Post 221

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Tyler F.

Jackson Township​  |  Troop 1927

Project Beneficiary: Church of the Lakes

Tyler built two offering boxes for the Wednesday night youth church service at Church of the Lakes. Along with the offering boxes, Tyler also built a podium for the church. 

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Abram F.

Perry Township​  |  Troop 1912

Project Beneficiary: AIM Academy

For his project, Abram built 6 wooden benches that fold into 3 picnic tables for the AIM Academy. 

IMG_20210405_162501420_BURST001 - John Fox.jpg

Noah F.

Perry Township​  |  Troop 1939

Project Beneficiary: Canton Central Catholic High School

Noah Fox's Eagle Project was to rebuild the theater stage for Central Catholic High School's Drama department. The idea from the project came from the desire to give back to the school that had a positive impact on his life. The theater was in need of repairs after many years of use. After consulting with the school principal and Drama Department Head, the project consisted of tearing down and replacing the the walls and floor while adding to the structural integrity of the stage. Additional components were added to improve the theater's capabilities.

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Owen F.

North Canton​  |  Troop 1010

Project Beneficiary: Queen of Haven Parish

I am going to decorate a small prayer/reflection area on the northeast corner of the church property. The original area that is done by beneficiary will include a statue of St. Teresa and two small benches, I will be adding a small brick wall, gravel floor and path, flowers, shrubs and a small spotlight directed toward the statue.

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Bethany H.

Louisville​  |  Troop 1111

Project Beneficiary: Project KARE

Project KARE gets donations for their foster kids all year around, but their supplies room has become especially cluttered during the holiday season. Bethany sorted all of the donations into labeled totes and take inventory so they are able to distribute the donations with ease.


Aaron H.

Uniontown​  |  Troop 1135

Project Beneficiary: Lake Local School District

Aaron's project is to build an organizational system and training materials for the football stadium press box at Lake High School. He untangled cables and created a cable-management system to use for video cameras, microphones, power and other things as a part of my project. He also bought and installed a shelf to store cameras and video transmitters.

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Nathaniel H.

Louisville​  |  Troop 1015

Project Beneficiary: City of Louisville

Nathaniel built benches for the Louisville War Memorial and Wildwood park.

IMG_0033 - Amy Karcher.jpeg

Samuel K.

Louisville  |  Troop 1035

Project Beneficiary: Little Flower Parish

Sam's project involved building three benches and a side table to be placed around a fire pit at Little Flower Parish near the youth house. Also, a fire wood rack was built and a load of fire wood stacked and placed in the rack near the fire pit. In addition, the yard around the youth house was cleaned up, including raking and bagging leaves.

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Brandon K.

North Canton​  |  Troop 1124

Project Beneficiary: MAPS Air Museum

Brandon built a fence around an A/C unit at MAPS. His project will help disguise the A/C unit and hide it from public view.


Mason K.

Perry Township​  |  Troop 1939

Project Beneficiary: Stark Parks

Mason's Eagle project is the installation and construction of 10-15 squirrel and owl boxes for parks and nature preserved areas around Canton.

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Maximus K.

North Canton  |  Troop 1035

Project Beneficiary: St. Paul's Catholic Church

Maximus lead Scouts in his troop in the installation of new drop ceiling tiles, new shelving, hanging a crucifix on the wall, adding carpet to a metal pole, and repainting/patching the walls in the nursery of St. Paul's Catholic Church.

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Caleb L.

Uniontown​  |  Troop 1045

Project Beneficiary: Love Our Community

Love our Community is an outreach organization that just moved to a new location. For his project, Caleb helped them move by cleaning up dead brush and vines and making three sets of picnic tables and benches. Vines growing on the side of the barn at the new location are damaging the structure. As an addition, he made birdhouses and bird feeders to go in the area for the birds that live in some of the dead brush that will be cleared.


Jack L.

Perry Township​  |  Troop 1912

Project Beneficiary: Canton City Schools

Jack's project is a landscaping project at the Woodland Ave. entrance to Schreiber Elementary. Both sides of the entrance will be cleared of debris, existing grass and weeds. Edging will be added, along with topsoil is needed for grading. Mulch and plants will be added.

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Jacob L.

Beach City​  |  Troop 1301

Project Beneficiary: Friendship Hall

Jacob completed landscaping around the Friendship Hall to tidy up the exterior as well as putting in fill dirt in places needed and planting new flowers. He also constructed an advertisement sign with changeable lettering for the Hall to use to advertise events.

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Dante M.

Greentown​  |  Troop 1124

Project Beneficiary: North Canton Community Garden

Dante mulched a section of the garden along with built a picnic table for the North Canton Community Garden.

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Duncan M.

Plain Township​  |  Troop 1042

Project Beneficiary: Plain Local Schools

Duncan reconstructed a patio at Oakwood Middle School that was overgrown and not safe for people to be on. It will give the school a place for the students to learn outside or a place for people just to sit and relax.

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Nicholas M.

Alliance​  |  Troop 2050

Project Beneficiary: 

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Edward M.

Hartville​  |  Troop 1045

Project Beneficiary: FISH Pantry

I will be building a pantry for non-profit organization (FISH) that helps get people food that can't afford it. I will be making shelves which allows for more inventory and gives more space in the pantry. The room was very small and needed a new door which would be more welcoming to the people that will come in.

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Alexander M.

Plain Township​  |  Troop 1034

Project Beneficiary: Peace Church

For my Eagle project I will be repairing the old youth room in my church. This will include cleaning out the room, repainting the walls, adding new ceiling tiles, removing sink and capping off the plumbing as well as cleaning the floor. This room will be used for food storage that the Weekend backpack program will be desperately needing to have enough space to store food which helps feed Canton South students.

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Grant M.

Jackson Township​  |  Troop 1921

Project Beneficiary: MAPS Air Museum

2 sets of wooden stairs shaped in a "L" on both sides of the OV-1A aircraft provide a way in and out of the aircraft for viewing.