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Growth only comes through adversity. The farmer tears the earth before sowing the field. The athlete breaks down muscle fibers in training to build strength. Scouting in the Buckeye Council has experienced steep adversity over the past few years, and significant growth has followed. Scouting has grown by over 10% this year with more than 1,400 new families joining Scouting in the last several weeks. 3,000 participants discovered adventure at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation. Another 1,700 went to Family Adventure Camp with many attendees having their very first camping experience. 5,000 merit badges were earned at camp, 1,800 ranks awarded, and 126 youth have reached the rank of Eagle.


Those aren’t the numbers that matter though. And that isn’t the type of growth that counts. While Scouting programs in the Buckeye Council serve thousands of youth and their families, each experience is focused on the individual participant. The youth who learns how to lead their peers over the course of a weekend backpacking trek. The youth who grows in their faith by spending time reflecting in nature at summer camp. The youth who becomes more confident by earning Public Speaking merit badge. Each Scout experiences personal growth every time they put on the uniform. Scouting prepares young people for life.


In 2022, Buckeye Council served more than 4,000 Scouts within its 12-county footprint, but expanded to developed unmatched, digitally delivered programs that has served more than 50,000 Scouts across every state and 10 other countries.


126 youth  earned

the rank of

Eagle Scout in 2022.

50,000 Scouts from
50 states and 10

countries participated

in Buckeye Council's HomeScouting Programs



HomeScouting programs were created by the Buckeye Council to encourage families to continue their Scouting adventure at home during COVID-19

unnamed (3).png

3,100 youth attended 

Summer Camp at


joined Scouting last fall during our annual Join Scout Night campaign

Seven Ranges in 2022


2,475 trash bags were filled with trash during the Scout’s International Trash the Trash Day during HomeScouting's Spring BreakOut Program



Merit Badges & Cub Scout Adventures were earned through Buckeye Council programming in 2022

More than 1,000 adults took supplemental training during Buckeye Council's Baden Powell Institute in February 


The annual popcorn sale returned more than $750,400 to support local Scouting within the Buckeye Council

With a successful popcorn sale and support of generous donors the Buckeye Council achieved a healthy and balanced budget


Buckeye Council partnered with NASA and marine experts to host five interactive webinars during Cyber Summer Camp


1,700 Cub Scouts & their families attended Family Adventure Camp.

Here the vision of Scouting comes to life when kids get to launch rockets, shoot bows and arrows, and sleep in a tent for the  first time.

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