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Meet Brenna B.

2022 Eagle Project of the Year Winner

& National Service Territory Winner

In Brenna's hometown of Millersburg there was no outdoor amphitheater where people could gather to enjoy concerts, performing arts, or educational seminars. So she built one. More accurately, she selected this enormous endeavor as her Eagle Scout Project and gave leadership to the funding and construction of a stone amphitheater. The new facility is located in Deer Run Park where it is available to benefit and impact her entire community.


This significant project required Brenna to raise $56,000, work with experts from the Soil and Water Conservation District, excavation and construction companies, and many volunteers. The final product has seating for 175 and features a brick stage. Brenna was selected early this year as the Buckeye Council Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year by our local National Eagle Scout Association chapter. In early May, Brenna was selected as the winner of the Eagle Project of the Year for our National Service Territory which encompasses Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. She will receive a $300 scholarship in recognition of her achievement.

Brenna's parents are extremely proud of her achievements, stating "when Brenna joined BSA in 2019 as Holmes County founded their first female troop, she had one goal in mind...make Eagle, just as her brothers and grandfather had done.  Brenna wanted to improve her community and try to encourage young people to move to Millersburg.  Her love for music gave her the idea for an outdoor venue.  She then systematically presented a plan to the Village of Millersburg Council on the area, three different types of Amphitheaters and a plan to raise money through selling engraved bricks for the stage area.  Brenna single-handedly raised $56,000 through brick sales, attending philanthropic organization meetings and meeting with business leaders soliciting donations.  Brenna wanted to "Go big or go home".  She was determined to build the amphitheater she had dreamed of building.  She led a team of environmentalists, engineers, volunteers and excavators to build a 6 tier stone amphitheater with seating for 200+ and a 60 ft x 40 ft brick stage, highlighted by engraved bricks from companies and individuals who supported her project.  Brenna has been an exemplary example to her fellow scouts, helping them through rank and setting an example of how you can achieve your dreams through hard work and dedication."


"I have always been very driven by goals which made BSA a perfect fit for me. In Girl Scouts you achieve ranks by advancing through school grades. As a boy scout I had to develop different skills throughout each rank in order to advance. Watching my brothers go through the program I realized the impact that becoming an Eagle Scout has and it inspired me to pursue the rank of Eagle. Scouting to me is much more than ranks and merit badges, it's being a role model to younger scouts, providing a helping hand even when you aren't asked and learning from your environment (whether it be the place or the people in it)." - Brenna Barbey

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