Meet the Eagle Scout Class of 2021 from Tuscarawas County


Tuscarawas county serves more than 400 youth annually. In 2021, eight of these youth achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

Below you will find all of the Eagle Scouts from Tuscarawas County, including a photo, project description and congratulatory video. Feel free to explore and learn about each Eagle Scout. 

*photos, project descriptions, and videos may not be available for all Eagle Scouts*

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Tye A.

Strasburg |  Troop 5095

Project Beneficiary: Dover Park

Tye reconstructed the Dover Park walking path that also serves as a high school cross country course. By redoing the path, citizens and fans will be able to walk along the trail and not get hurt. 

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Ethan B.

Gambier  |  Troop 5087

Project Beneficiary: New Directions - Domestic Abuse Center

Ethan built a collection of shelves designed to hold large totes and custom t-shirt boxes for New Directions. 

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Theron E.

Dover  |  Troop 5094

Project Beneficiary: Dover First United Methodist Church

Theron constructed a 25ft flag pole placed in front of the First United Methodist Church with a circle of pavers around the pole connected to the sidewalk with pavers and a light to illuminate the flag.

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Jayvin H.

Dover  |  Troop 5084

Project Beneficiary: New Philadelphia VFW 1445

Jayvin decided to work with the New Philadelphia VFW to construct a box that will have a glass face that will contain names of veterans that in Tuscarawas County on a plaque. It will honor the recognize the veterans who have fought in wars, served and have passed away.

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Zachariah M.

Sugarcreek  |  Troop 5095

Project Beneficiary: Garaway Released Time Education

For Zachariah's project, he cleared out and cut down trees, brush, corn and debris to put a religion house for the kids at the school. Then he landscaped around the buildings.

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Jonah M.

Fredericktown​  |  Troop 7126

Project Beneficiary: Faith Christian Church

For Jonah's project, he planted at least 10 trees around Faith Christian Church's parking lot and build a firewood rack for the church's fire pit so dry wood can be at the firepit. The trees will be decorative and stop people from parking on the grass.

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Ashton T.

Gnadenhutten  |  Troop 5429

Project Beneficiary: Alsco Field, Village of Gnadenhutten

Ashton's Eagle Scout project consisted of removing the loose paint and then repainting the baseball dugouts at Alsco Fields. Alsco Fields is where our local little league teams play their baseball games in Gnadenhutten, Ohio.

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Isaiah Y.

New Philadelphia​  |  Troop 5084

Project Beneficiary: Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds

Isaiah replaced picnic tables that the Tuscarawas Fairgrounds deems damaged or unusable.

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